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The modern way of life imposes the insurance of each citizen.

This happens or with legally or with socially. In the first case we were reported in the obligatory insurance that it should makes some citizen for example in his vehicle or in his yacht, and is forecasted by the government owned legislation, while in the second case we were reported in the optional insurance that will provide guarantee and better conditions of existence in case of somebody of unexpected danger and not only. In this case we speak for safeties of life, fortune, retirement, medico-pharmaceutical programs e.t.c. Enormous is the contribution of actuarial sector in the health part, stability and cohesion of family, as core of social network.
The Most important thing that it offers the actuarial sector to the citizens of modern societies is the feeling of safety, that decrease drastically the pressure, the concern and the stress, that is the nature  reasons of psychological and organic illnesses. 
The completion and/or substitution of social insurances in personal and familial level in the subjects of health and death and the re-establishment of all kinds material damage, contribute in the calm, peacefulness and cohesion of family and hence in the quality of life. At the same time it ensures in the children and in the new persons study and "familial chapter" for the creation of new familial cores.
The compensations, in certain accident cases of accidents and long-lasting illnesses ensure - at least in a important part - the economic self-sufficiency of victim and his family and deter the increase of social problems. While the compensations of destruction of fortune deter the marginalisation of former affluent families and the creation poor people.

The public insurance usually covers a part of needs of medium citizen contrary to private that has the possibility him of covering entirely, provided that himself secured is the one that will determine his needs and no some impersonal government owned and bureaucratic institution.
Simultaneously the private insurance can coexist with state and cover anyone.
2. The choice of actuarial company
The choice of company that will collaborate each one is clearly personal, nevertheless will be supposed you become it associates certain factors as are the reliability of company, expiring services and covers, viability, crewing, friendly to secured and finally the economic parameter.
All these certain  is very difficult for anyone to know each one us if does not have systematic contact with the object, therefore this part of  these undertakes (agents, brokers, actuarial advisers)and  that is because of the profession, has the experience and specialisation as well as more directness with the founder companies that we represent.
Also your insurer should be always at your side, informing and helping you in your entire actuarial problem.

Dimitrios Th. Zagouras 
Insurance agent

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